Ing. Kevin Brewster

Research Technician +31(0)71 529 6492


I am a technician that is involved with research into proteins and metabolites to map disease-related changes. Research into the development and application of analysis techniques for small molecules such as metabolites, lipids and lipid mediators using LC-MS/MS. I am mainly involved in projects for lipidomic research using analytical techniques such as protein precipitation, liquid-liquid extraction, lipid extraction (lipidyzer platform kits), BCA protein assay and Solid-Phase extraction for the analysis of Lipids and Lipid-mediators. The highly accurate lipid quantitative measurements, without bias, was provided by an LC-MS/MS such as the Qtrap . 



Het Waterlaboratorium N.V., Department of Biology (Haarlem) 

(Intern) Execution technician (Jan 2019- Dec 2019) 

Was an intern technician that was involved with Bioassays for effect-directed analysis on water samples. Mainly, the comparison of bioassay chromatograms between 2017 and 2019 and the investigation of the presence of (anti-) progestogenic activity in water samples using techniques such as Solid-Phase extraction and CALUX bioassays. I also contributed on the development of certain CALUX bioassays, with the aim to optimize and validate these assays as part of the development team. In addition to making certain stock solution in general for the bioassays, I also gained knowledge on how the sampling procedure is done by sample takers of this company. 


Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC),  at the Dept. of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology and Einthoven Laboratory for Experimental Vascular Medicine (Leiden) 

(Intern) Research technician (Sept 2016- Feb 2017) 

Research into the development of Human brown adipose cells and the (possible) receptor gene was central during this period.  

I also had to carry out several (short-term) studies, namely: 

  • 'The testing of multiple agonistic and antagonistic compounds on the brown adipose cell culture’ 
  • ‘Development and testing of a couple of primers using conventional PCR for cDNA synthesis and SYBR green Q-PCR’ 
  • ‘ Glycerol determination and gene expression using SYBR green Q-PCR on the stimulated brown adipose cells’  

During the 6-month period I also gained experience in the housing of test animals and logistical assistance in the harvesting and processing of their organs.




  • Credit authorship contribution statement (2021)

    Houtman, Corine; Brewster, Kevin; Broek, ten, Rob; Duijve, Bente; Oorschot, Yvonne; Rosielle, Martine; Lamoree, Marja; Steen, Ruud.

  • Credit minor acknowledgement for technical assistance (2018)

    Kuipers, E.N.; Dam, A.D.v.; Held, N.M.; Mol, I.M.; Houtkooper, R.H.; Rensen, P.C.N.; Boon, M.R. Quercetin Lowers Plasma Triglycerides Accompanied by White Adipose Tissue Browning in Diet-Induced Obese Mice. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2018, 19, 1786.

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