TEACHING activities

The CPM coordinates the Frontiers of Science (FoS) course “Proteomics in Biomedical Research” and co-coordinates the FoS course “Cardiometabolic disease”, as part of the Master Biomedical Sciences.

In addition, we are involved in the teaching program of Bachelor and Master Biomedical Sciences from the LUMC. Next to that we frequently receive requests on facilitating lectures of courses organized by faculties of Leiden University, and Hogeschool Leiden (Bachelor of Applied Sciences).


A significant part of our research is performed by PhD students. PhD projects are often performed in collaboration with LUMC internal research groups or external partners.


There are frequent opportunities for undergraduate students on research traineeship projects at the CPM lasting at least 5 moths or longer. Students pursuing an education or career in biomedical sciences, molecular biology, analytical chemistry or bioinformatics are particularly encouraged to contact us. You can apply for an internship by sending your CV and letter of motivation, in which you indicate the CPM group of interest, to dr. Paul Hensbergen (


The CPM regularly hosts guest researchers (e.g. PhD-students and post-docs) from collaborating national and international research institutes. The goal of these visits can range from learning specific technique to analyze samples on our own developed analyzing platforms. If you are interested to collaborate with us, please contact the group leader of the research group of interest or our department head by e-mail with a clear explanation of your goal and expectations. ​​​​​​​

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