Working with a great variety of very valuable (pre)clinical & patient samples, my group focusses on developing and adapting sample preparation strategies to gain the most molecular information from a single tissue section as possible in a reproducible and robust manner.

The actual analytics of the MSI measurement is paramount to get useable research findings, and thus we’re focusing on achieving ultrahigh mass resolving power to gain confident identifications of features, and single-cell spatial resolution to achieve accurate information on the loci of molecular alterations.

Additionally, we’re pushing information specificity through high-end post-MSI analytics, such as histology-guided, and immunofluorescence-assisted MSI to gain as much information on molecular heterogeneity of morphologically homogeneous cell populations, and off-tissue analysis in collaboration with the other subgroups in the CPM.

The larger aim is to make MSI a cornerstone technology in systems biology, due to its applicability in a large variety of OMICS fields. Integration with other OMICS platforms is key, and as such a major focus of the group.

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