The Center for Proteomics and Metabolomics (CPM) is the technological core innovator and service provider at the LUMC regarding the analysis of proteins, metabolites, lipids and glycans from biological materials such as cells and tissues. Mass spectrometry is the key technology applied at the CPM, complemented by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and advanced, miniaturized separation systems. The CPM is located in the main building of the Leiden University Medical Center, at P1 and P0.


The CPM develops and implements cutting-edge proteomics and metabolomics technology for analyzing disease-associated molecular mechanisms and fingerprints within all research themes of the LUMC promoting technological innovation, biomedical research and public health.

We currently witness a molecular revolution in life sciences by new technologies for dissecting the proteome, metabolome, lipidome and glycome of complex organisms in a spatially and time-resolved manner, complemented by advanced computational methods to analyze and derive biological insight from the obtained data. We increasingly realize that these molecular layers, in interplay with environmental, genetic and epigenetic factors, shape the processes of life. Our vision is to foster and accelerate this molecular revolution, and to catalyze the translation of research findings into public health benefits.


  • Enable biomedical and clinical research by mass spectrometry omics
  • Advance computational methods for mass spectrometry omics data analysis
  • Train analytical innovators for the life science sector
  • Upskill biomedical researchers in molecular omics
  • Establish long-term collaborations to catalyze innovation in biopharma, biomedicine and nutrition
  • Make key contributions to all biomedical research themes of the LUMC



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