Prof. Proteomics and Glycomics Manfred Wuhrer

Professor - Head of the Center for Proteomics and Metabolomics
Prof. Proteomics and Glycomics


I am enthusiastic about unleashing the power of high-end techniques, in particular mass spectrometry (MS), for unraveling the molecular processes of life. I have a background in the analysis of proteins and their carbohydrate modifications (glycans). Glycans are key determinants in many events of multicellular life, are implicated in the etiology of many diseases, and are factors determining the efficacy and safety of many protein-based drugs, and I have dedicated my scientific career to unraveling their structure, regulation and function.




2015 –  present     Head CPM, full professor Proteomics and Glycomics, LUMC

2013 – 2015          Full professor Analytics of Biomolecular Interactions, VU University, Amsterdam

2008 – 2015          Associate professor, LUMC

2005 – 2008          Assistant professor, LUMC

2003 – 2005          Scientist, LUMC

1999 – 2002          Postdoc, Giessen University

1996 – 1999          PhD, Giessen University

1991 – 1995          Dipl. Biochemistry, Regensburg University



2016 -present       Chair of the Dutch Society for Mass Spectrometry (

2019                     Molecular and Cellular Proteomics Lectureship Award, Society for Glycobiology

2016 – 2020         Coordinator of the GlySign Horizon2020 project (

2015 – 2019         Coordinator of the GlyCoCan Horizon2020 project (

2011 – 2016         Coordinator of the HighGlycan EU FP7 project

2012 – 2016         Principal investigator of the IBD-BIOM FP7 consortium (

2017 – 2011         Principal investigator of the A4B Horizon2020 project (

2017 – 2021         Principal investigator of the IMforFUTURE Horizon2020project (

2013 – present     Member of the Editorial Board of Molecular and Cellular Proteomics

2012 – 2018         Member of the Editorial Board of Glycoconjugate Journal

2011-2016            Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Proteome Research



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