Eight projects awarded within KIC call Key Technologies

Eight projects awarded within KIC call Key Technologies

Within the call 'Key Technologies (KIC)', eight research projects have been awarded grants. Consortia of scientists, companies and civil society organisations will soon start joint research in which fundamental and application-oriented research with the aid of innovative and pioneering technologies plays a central role. The eight projects cover various themes, such as: improving the taste and nutritional value of vegetable proteins, reprogramming the genome with CRISPR-Cas without genetic modifications, making large infrastructural steel constructions use longer and safer, and improving medication safety for patients with multiple chronic diseases. More than 16 million euros is available for the research.

12 May 2022


The eight awarded key enabling technology projects together receive a grant of 11 million euros. Private and societal partners will contribute a further 5 million euros in co-funding. Key enabling technologies enable ground-breaking innovations in processes, products and/or services that are relevant to science, society and the market. The technologies are characterised by their broad applicability and range. In addition, key enabling technologies are essential in solving societal challenges and/or make a major contribution to the economy of new companies and markets, increase competition and strengthen the labour market.

Overview of the Key Enabling Technologies


Technology for Dissecting Carbohydrates in food, biopharma, and biomedicine (DisC)
prof. dr. M. (Manfred) Wuhrer – Leiden University Medical Center

Carbohydrates are a major part of our food. They are an essential component of modern drugs. Also changes in the carbohydrates of our body are at the basis of many diseases. Despite their importance, there is a lack of technology to study the structure and function of these molecules. The DisC proposal will develop technology that allows to study the role of carbohydrates in food, biopharma and biomedicine.

Utrecht University, Pharming Technologies, DSM Food Specialties, Danone Nutricia Research, Roche Diagnostics

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