The Bioinformatics group uses computational tools to bring together data from different domains in order to better understand human disease. The group develops and operates advanced mass spectrometry instrumentation, such as an FTICR-ion trap cluster, for large-scale and label-free proteomics data. This system was used to produce the first population-based proteomics study, linking the plasma protein abundance (phenotype) to genotypic variability. We also optimize design-of-experiment, by using scientific workflows to integrate all available resources and information, including mass spectral libraries to select the best surrogate peptides for targeted, labeled, quantitative proteomics. This is both a research method and a technique eminently amenable to routine application in clinical labs. We have pioneered direct spectral comparison techniques for molecular phylogenetics and the similar use of spectral libraries to differentiate and identify biological samples, including important human pathogens. We also use model systems such as mouse, and in particular zebrafish, to study infectious diseases and cancer in collaboration with several groups within the LUMC and at Leiden University.

Our software is used by many groups worldwide, and our spectral libraries included in the NIST high-quality spectral library collection. We strive to always be ahead of the rapidly changing and improving instrumentation with simulation and analyzing massive amounts of data acquired in our and other researchers’ labs. We publish our work in leading journals in the field, including Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, Journal of Proteome Research, Analytical Chemistry and Journal of Proteomics, but also general journals such as P.N.A.S. We also mine the scientific literature using advanced, scientific workflow-based, bibliometric methods.

Recent publications

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